Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ray Johnson

The launch has been so slow it didn't happen.
And, I lost my  501 c 3 not for profit status in Michigan because of a technicality.  So, although there are back issues for which I intend to archive and keep the copyright, there will not be a relaunch.

Many of the interviews have been republished elsewhere.  However, I will try to post them here when I can.  A favorite interview was with Ray Johnson, a New York artist from Detroit who Randy and myself interviewed in our Detroit living room when he had come to visit his mother.  Ray was so deadpan and wonderful that we kept our private comments when Ray left in the interview at the end.  Ray loved that.

Jim Pallas loved the interview and has published it on his website.  Here is a link. There are also photos of artwork by Ray and the cover of the magazine featuring Ray with a photo earring.
Check it out:

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